Dead Space Extraction – small review

This game is one of the best shooters on Wii, but considering that the PS3 has developed also a motion controller, EA decided to add this game as a bonus version of Dead Space 2.  For those who have not acquired this edition and still want to try it, it is available on PSN store.

For those who are not familiar with this game, you should know that this game treats the events preceding the first Dead Space and sets the scenario for the first game in an exceptional way. The ambience, the characters, the sound, the dialogues, and all that binds this game to the first title is done by detail.

Divided into ten missions, one more sinister than the other, this provides the basis of events that have as protagonist Isaac Clarke. Basically, he explains how the Marker got on Ishimura and how the destroyer of planets gone crazy slowly. If you are not familiar with this game, you should know that the Marker is an alien obelix, that makes to world crazy – just to make them kill each other. The horror element is not provided by their madness, but the fact that after death they turn into all sorts of weird things that kill everything in their war, their bodies practically transform into various zombies. Some creatures can even fly using their own skin and ligaments for wings. It is rather a macabre image and for this reason Dead Space is not for everyone. But for horror fan this is a must play game.

Characters that we have met in the first game are appearing here and they are explored in more details and some shards of the story left unexplored in the two games are now explained in detail. The story does nothing else than to fill the gap between the two titles and are able to paint a more complete overview of the Dead Space series universe, all at once making it more fascinating in every aspect.

I am trying to not give you too many details about the plot, considering the fact that in the game there are twists, betrayals and other means that will leave you gasping at some point, that even if I would mention them briefly, for those who have played Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2, would prove to be just some spoilers. So, I’d better stop here and wish you best of luck and best of fun!